Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine: Healthcare for the 21st Century

"After ten years of practice, I am still amazed at the perceived miracles I witness daily in regards to healing by simply providing the body with the specific nutrients it needs to heal and repair itself. Of course it's not a miracle, it's normal biochemistry."

Functional medicine is the future of healthcare. It's not about treating symptoms or a disease, it's about seeking the mechanisms, or upstream cause of the disease. It's supporting the whole person. It's supporting connection and it's getting into the story of how an individual got to where they are in their health. Instead of an eight minute appointment that ends in more prescriptions, it's an hour of exploration and discovery resulting in unique and personalized strategies for supporting each individuals needs. In essence, functional medicine provides a map of the inner landscape of the body allowing us to uncover any underlying weakness or imbalance that's leading to the expression of a disease process. No longer do we simply chase symptoms, but instead we balance chemistry, supporting and strengthening function.

In our office we provide natural strategies for optimizing brain function, restoring healthy gut function, balancing hormones, regulating blood sugar, minimizing inflammation, strengthening cardiovascular health, purifying and cleansing the body's organ and tissues, and addressing food intolerance and allergies.


HORMONE BALANCING: With all the stressors we are exposed to these days it's not surprising that we see an imbalance in most peoples hormones. The hormones are the most powerful control system of the body and must be balanced in order to activate the body’s other powerful systems of repair and healing. Most people lead challenging lives complicated by hormonal disruption and glandular depression. We can work with your body to restore balance to your hormones whether the dysfunction is originating in the thyroid, adrenal glands, or reproductive glands impacting healthy estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels.

BLOOD SUGAR IMBALANCE: Nearly 50% of Americans are prediabetic, with 10% developing full blown diabetes. Further, blood sugar dysregulation leads to weight gain, hormone disruption, increased cholesterol levels, greater likelihood of heart attack and stroke, and even has been linked to Alzheimer's and dementia. Utilizing a high fat ketogenic diet in combination with specific blood sugar support, we can dramatically impact blood sugar issues whether hyper or hypoglycemic in nature.

INFLAMMATION: Inflammation is often caused by food allergies and intolerances. Lab tests help us pinpoint your inflammatory triggers to determine whether it is gluten, soy, dairy or a number of other common allergies. We can start you on an elimination diet to rid your system of the symptoms, while using targeted supplementation to address Leaky Gut Syndrome which is often the source of the problem. By removing food sensitivities and addressing leaky gut, we can restore healthy gut function dramatically reducing inflammation throughout the body.

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES: Autoimmune disorders are skyrocketing in the US with nearly 1 in every 5 people suffering, 75% of which are female. Lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac Disease, Crohn's, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), type 1 diabetes, Raynaud's, psoriasis, and eczema are all autoimmune diseases caused when the immune system begins to attack healthy cells. We provide natural support for all autoimmune disorders through food sensitivity elimination, immune regulation, and gut repair. Instead of treating symptoms, we aim to support the underlying function that is at the root of many of these diseases.

DIGESTION/GUT REPAIR: So many diseases begin in the gut. Digestion is responsible for providing energy and nutrients, while removing waste and toxins. Additionally, 70% or more of our immune response resides in our GI mucosal barrier. Dysfunction in digestion leads to increased inflammation, decreased immune response, mal-absorption of nutrients, resorption of toxins, and leaky gut leaving us in a state of famine in the midst of plenty. While digestive problems can often be pain and symptom free, it's common to experience symptoms including heartburn, indigestion, bloating, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's, colitis, and ulcers.


CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT: Cardiovascular disease leading to hearth attack and stroke is the number one cause of death in America today. Any conversation regarding optimal health and longevity must address circulation, high and low blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. Improving circulation brings renewal and healing to the oxygen and nutrient starved tissues, radically influencing healing.

BRAIN OPTIMIZATION: The brain is the vehicle through which we experience life and is the conduit for consciousness itself. To truly fulfill potential and access our most authentic state, the brain must be finely tuned. Physical injuries and traumas (including concussions), acute and chronic mental emotional stress, and even chemical toxicity give rise to neuroinflammation leading to decreased memory, anxiety, depression, poor focus and concentration, ADD and ADHD, and even more advanced neurological conditions including autism, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia. Through lifestyle modification and targeted nutritional supplementation neuroinflammation can be decreased truly unlocking your highest potential.


PH BALANCING: Most people's bodies are extremely acidic which creates inflammation, weight gain, low energy and disease. In fact, cancer only thrives in an acidic environment. A pH level of 7.4 is vital for overall health. Saliva testing in the office give us an immediate result of your levels and is a starting point to design a nutrition plan to bring your blood back to a level of sound alkalinity.

WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT: Starts with detoxing, balancing blood sugar levels, strengthening the thyroid and creating a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle. It is not simply about going on a "diet," but purifying and cleansing the body's organs and tissues.

Our wholistic model for care is based on the most current and cutting edge research in immunology, epigenetics, biochemistry, and nutrition. Each visit includes an in-depth consultation and history, a full body systems evaluation, and any necessary labs including blood analysis, genetic evaluation, and food sensitivity and autoimmune testing to determine underlying weaknesses and imbalances in the body. Based on the findings we develop a personalized recovery protocol that includes specific physician grade whole food nutrient and herbal formulas designed to target any imbalances, strengthen areas of weakness, and restore healthy function and balance to the whole body.

Functional medicine is a way of life. For individuals seeking to not only recover their health, but to truly optimize it while avoiding drugs and surgery, it is vital to feed and support the body appropriately. Dr. Yakel not only has his own mentors providing him with personal protocols, but functional medicine has transformed the health of his wife, both children, and extended family, becoming a priority to utilize in everyday life.

"The greatest part about coming into the office is looking forward to that frequent feeling of extreme calmness and relaxation. I have more positive energy in and out."


"I am better able to handle stress in my body and mind. I have a better mood, and I feel more vibrant and alive in my body."


"The most exciting part of receiving care is how you can be so relaxed with just a light gentle touch and small adjustment. I think I’m more positive and patient."


"I seem to be able to not let things get me upset. I have a much more relaxed and different perspective on things. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I seem to be a lot happier and grateful. Things seem to flow my way a lot easier."


"My back pain and sciatica has been significantly reduced. I have more energy, less ‘up tight’. I feel energized after a session. I can sense that adjustments help me remain calm and not overreact as I used to."



"I have more flexibility in my lower back & recover faster from pain. I feel more attuned to the needs of my body, but also aware of triggers that cause stress & I adapt easier."


"What I love about receiving care is that it doesn’t require drugs. I leave feeling relaxed and feeling like my body is functioning better. It takes my stress level down which influences every other aspect of my life."


"Since receiving care, I have an inner feeling of harmony, relaxation, and peace. I enjoy the energy of others more."


"I have noticed an increase in good areas, like energy, and a decrease in bad areas, like stress and anxiety."


"We look forward to coming here and seeing Dr. Yakel for Functional Medicine. This is the first time I’ve felt that someone is actually listening to my son and what he needs. We are not just being given a band-aid."


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