Addiction and Recovery

Addiction and Recovery – Reclaiming Wholeness

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Addiction- Compulsively seeking an external source to relieve an intolerable state of pain, past or present, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature.

Recovery- Regaining wholeness by reclaiming the parts of ourselves and embracing the experiences that we cannot bare to look at due to the overwhelming sense of shame that we are not worthy to love and be loved.

Sobriety- Reclaiming our true power and experiencing the beauty of the present moment, while becoming a living embodiment of our essential qualities freedom, peace, and joy.

At the core of all addictions lies pain. When the pain, whether past or present, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature becomes intolerable, we seek external sources to relieve us of the pressure of the chronic nature of our pain. While the narrative today revolves around the growing addiction to opiate drugs, we all find relief in some form or another. In today's world this shows up in our addictions to sugar, carbs, caffeine, nicotine, iPhones, social media, work, sex, gambling, and of course, drugs.

At Lifegate, we offer a wholistic, integrated, and drug free addiction recovery program designed to improve, repair, and normalize brain chemistry; which in turn diminishes cravings and promotes feelings of well-being.

The foundation of our recovery program is rooted in tonal chiropractic care proven to enhance recovery outcomes, combined with functional medicine to support brain chemistry, auriculotherapy to minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and on-going guidance, mentoring, and lifestyle modification including training in heart-based meditation. Further, we work with counselors in the areas of EMT, Group Therapy and Addiction Counseling to provide continued care.

The Lifegate Recovery Program:

1 – Restore brain chemistry.
Healthy brain chemistry is key to breaking the cycle of addiction. When the neurotransmitters in the brain are imbalanced it dramatically increases cravings and the dependency on any addiction. Through the use of functional medicine, HPA Axis support, and amino acid therapy we can restore healthy chemistry in the brain to minimize withdrawal symptoms, eliminate cravings, speed the healing process, and maximize the likelihood of long term success rates.

2 – Release neurological stress.
Utilizing state of the art chiropractic technology proven to enhance successful outcomes, Dr. Yakel incorporates gentle adjustments to release tension in the nervous system restoring healthy function. A nervous system free of interference allows the body to access it’s greatest healing potential, supporting optimal health and wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally. By supporting healthy function of the spine, we further help to optimize limbic function (the emotional center of the brain strongly influenced by addictive behaviors) promoting the flow of critical neurotransmitters, including dopamine, and balancing the brain reward cascade.

3 – Rebalance the brain reward messaging system.
Auriculotherapy effectively reduces pain levels, while supporting feelings of peacefulness, calm, and an overall state of wellbeing. It has further been shown to support the re-balancing of the reward area in the brain reducing both craving and withdrawal symptoms.

4 – Reinforce strategies for long term health and wellness.
Lifestyle modification provides not only the best opportunity to prevent relapse, but also to support the fulfillment of your potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To successfully navigate the stress of modern day living, we must have the tools and strategies that maintain peace and balance within the storm of our lives. Dr. Yakel provides continued support through group counseling, dietary modification, and heart based meditation techniques to ensure you feel vibrant, clear, and peaceful.

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"The greatest part about coming into the office is looking forward to that frequent feeling of extreme calmness and relaxation. I have more positive energy in and out."


"I am better able to handle stress in my body and mind. I have a better mood, and I feel more vibrant and alive in my body."


"The most exciting part of receiving care is how you can be so relaxed with just a light gentle touch and small adjustment. I think I’m more positive and patient."


"I seem to be able to not let things get me upset. I have a much more relaxed and different perspective on things. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I seem to be a lot happier and grateful. Things seem to flow my way a lot easier."


"My back pain and sciatica has been significantly reduced. I have more energy, less ‘up tight’. I feel energized after a session. I can sense that adjustments help me remain calm and not overreact as I used to."



"I have more flexibility in my lower back & recover faster from pain. I feel more attuned to the needs of my body, but also aware of triggers that cause stress & I adapt easier."


"What I love about receiving care is that it doesn’t require drugs. I leave feeling relaxed and feeling like my body is functioning better. It takes my stress level down which influences every other aspect of my life."


"Since receiving care, I have an inner feeling of harmony, relaxation, and peace. I enjoy the energy of others more."


"I have noticed an increase in good areas, like energy, and a decrease in bad areas, like stress and anxiety."


"We look forward to coming here and seeing Dr. Yakel for Functional Medicine. This is the first time I’ve felt that someone is actually listening to my son and what he needs. We are not just being given a band-aid."


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