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Healing from Cognitive Decline

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In 2018, after several years of struggling with ever worsening brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety and depression, I was left devastated after receiving the results of my brain MRI only to be told I would be lucky to know my wife and kids within five years.

Over the next 18 months I made radical lifestyle changes that included diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation, and detoxification.

Today I am grateful to be thriving with more energy, focus, concentration, peace, and joy than I have experienced in decades.

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Join Dr. Jonah's Brain+ program to get all the tools you need to address  the root cause of your cognitive changes whether it's inflammation, hormone imbalance, blood sugar dysfunction, poor circulation, environmental toxins, or even mold.

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Join Dr. Yakel as he discussed the root cause of Alzhemier's and dementia. In this Masterclass Dr. Yakel will provide natural tools and stategies to prevent, slow, stop, and even reverse symptoms of cognitive decline.

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"I was very sick with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). My symptoms were debilitating and were both physical and cognitive. Dr. Yakel was great about communicating with family members and explaining the complexities of CIRS and the importance of social support for patient recovery. Dr. Yakel was very thorough and efficient about answering questions in the patient portal, which I felt was very important. At this point, I am almost fully recovered and I believe that my cognition is 100% where it was before I got CIRS. Never have I had a doctor be so invested and excited for my recovery. That is because Dr. Yakel has been through CIRS himself and understands the struggles through first-hand experience."  
Julie C.
"Working with Dr. Yakel is truly one of the best gifts I could have given myself. If you're the sort of person who really wants to understand your health issues in depth, Dr. Yakel is willing to spend time and energy helping you. I like to get down to root causes of my own problems, and Dr. Yakel has always been willing to help me understand how best to take care of my health. As a result, whenever I go to a conventional medical practice (for my annual Medicare physical or a colonoscopy, for example), the nurses are always surprised that I only take two meds. I tell them that good nutrition, exercise, keeping stress under control in short, everything Ive been working on with Dr. Yakel its all helped me to remain active and vital as I age."
Karen P.
"I have nothing but praise for Dr Yakel! His knowledge, compassion and willingness to listen is incomparable. There have been many times I have sat in awe, listening to his expertise on most any question I have asked him. He's professional and so kind. And he doesn't settle until an issue is solved and he regularly checks in. An rarity in the medical field, in my opinion! I feel lucky to be in his care."  
Margaret S.

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